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nice to meet you!

My name is Mordechai, and I'm really glad that you came to visit my page!


Please enjoy your stay, and if you got interested in my services - feel free to contact me.

My graphic design career started when I realized how important the user experience of a product is. Since then, I do my best to make these experiences better, more attractive, and beautiful. 

Logo Design

Logo design portrays the essence of the entity it identifies to aid and promote instant public recognition. Brand Identity service can also be provided.

Logo design
LOGO - Shani elbaz mockup.jpg

Fitness Coach logo


Polygraphic design is done for the portrayal of different visual elements, that are used for both digital and printed output. These include banners, posters, stickers, business cards, booklets, and many more.



Digital illustrations are used to supplement the content with the help of drawings to enlarge the understanding of the content to the end-user. 

jeWedding sticker pack 2.jpg

Art & Paint

These are the works of interior and exterior design and wall painting for different commercial and identity purposes.

Art & Paint